The intention of the Phonografik Collectivo project was the creation and exchange of original, experimental, typographic/hand-lettered/calligraphic artworks as contemporary translations of our languages’ common phonemes (sounds,) represented through the Phoenician alphabet.

The work was compiled into a book and the works were exhibited at the main gallery at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, WA in August/September 2016.

This project includes the following designers/artists:
Tobias David Albert, Leipzig, Germany; Sarah Alfarhan, Qater/Kuwait; Anthony Burrill, UK; Daniele de Rosa, Urbino, Italy; Andre Fuchs and Martin Borst, Berlin, Germany; Maurice Goldner, Leipzig, Germany; Uriel Hartov, Tel Aviv, Israel; Mariko Jesse, San Francisco, CA, USA; Robb Leef, Philadelphia, PA, USA; Ben Nathan, Tel Aviv, Israel; Brody Neuenschwander,Belgium; Ashley John Pigford, Newark, DE, USA; Nele-Tabea Reinicke, Berlin, Germany; Laura Serra, CA + Berlin, Germany; Meir Sadan, Tel Aviv, Israel; Falk Schwalbe, Leipzig, Germany; Guy Tamam, Tel Aviv, Israel; Tricia Treacy, North Carolina, USA; Yimeng Wu, Berlin, Germany; Roman Wilhelm, Berlin, Germany