[in code] was inspired by their interest in physical limitations of communication in both the digital and the analog worlds. In collaboration with the members of Shift-lab (Katie Baldwin, Sarah Bryant, Denise Bookwalter and Macy Chadwick,) we considered the comparison between the letterpress job case and the digital character set, the composing stick and the 140-character limit of the tweet. Despite these physical limitations, the possibilities for communication remain endless. In a time where social media is routine, we wanted to slow down and respond to this digital dialog by taking notice and translating the tweets into an analog form. We gathered tweets from an audience in Utah and another in California. Over 48 hours they gathered about 800 tweets. The tweets resulted in a series of prints exhibited in Utah, San Francisco and New York. Printeresting, an online reviewer of print relate work, cited this project as “Mobius loop of language and technology.